PTI trampled parliamentary norms: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD Dec 14 (APP): Minister for Information, Broadcasting
and National Heritage Marriyum Aurengzeb Wednesday deplored the
conduct of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and said the party had
once again manifested its politics of hooliganism and boisterousness.
The PTI, she said, had trampled democratic norms by humiliating
the Parliament and tearing up the copies of the Constitution. They
had once again manifested their style of disregarding the
constitutional institutions.
Talking to media persons outside the Parliament House, she said
with its track record of street agitations and distrusting the state institutions, the party had now shown disrespect to the esteemed
institution of Parliament.
“Since the proceedings were telecast live, the people have
seen their real face and now know how much respect the PTI has for
the Parliament,” the minister said.
Marriyum said the PTI always desired anarchy and unrest in the
country no matter it was the street politics or parliamentary
democracy. “The way, the PTI members behaved in the House only suits to a party that has no respect for democracy, the Constitution and the honoured office of the Speaker.”
She said it was strange that the people, who had been
describing the Parliament as `fake’, were now seeking refuge in the
same Parliament. “But, still they are trying to bully and humiliate
the institutions.”
Answering a question about money trail regarding the Panama
Papers, the minister said there was no contradiction in the
statement of the Prime Minister in the House and the one
presented to the Supreme Court by his lawyer.
She said the reply of the lawyer in the court was correct when
he had mentioned to the speech of the Prime Minister in the National
Assembly because it was also mentioned in the speech that more
evidences could be presented when the matter was taken up at an
appropriate forum.
The minister said even the Leader of the Opposition in National
Assembly did not mention to any specific contradiction between the
Prime Minister’s speech as well as the statement of the lawyer in
the court.
She said usually it was a parliamentary practice that when the
Opposition Leader raises an issue in the Parliament, the reply comes
from the government side, and then members of other parties also speak on the issue. “But, in this case the opposition party PTI was not
ready to listen the view point of the government.”
On the other hand, she stated that the PPP behaved like a mature
party and did not join the PTI’s protest in the House.
Marriyum said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif presented himself for
accountability even though his name was not mentioned in the Panama
Papers. Even the government responded positively to hold an inquiry
into the matter but the PTI always showed no-confidence in the state
She said the Parliament was an appropriate forum to discuss
issue but it did not mean that any party disregarded it. “They had
boycotted the Parliament and remained away from this forum for most
of time. But, now if they have returned to this forum, they shall
have to respect it.”
Answering a question, she said it was decided by the Speaker
not to take up adjournment and privilege motions because the matter
was sub judice in the court.