PTI adulterated politics with derogatory remarks, mud-slinging: Ranjha


ISLAMABAD June 10 (APP): Parliamentary Secretary for Information,
Broadcasting and National heritage Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha on Friday said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf adulterated national politics with derogatory remarks, mud-slinging and defaming politicians.

Speaking at a private TV channel, Ranjha said, it is the PTI that has
promoted abusive language against political opponents from the container, at its press conferences and political processions.

Commenting on the recent remarks of Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif about a PTI MNA, Ranjha said, it is very unfortunate that even in the Parliament the PTI members are habitual to interrupt speakers and pass unpleasant remarks. “If Khawaja Asif lost temper, it is natural because he was continuously being interrupted by Dr Shireen Mazari and couple of other members.”

“Everybody has a stagnation point and may be Khawaja Asif had reached stagnation point early, after continued interference by these members when he was speaking on the important issue of power crisis in the country,” he added.

Ranjha said, the PTI is playing to the galleries on this issue but has
forgotten immoral and unethical remarks of Naeemul Haq and Mahmoodur Rasheed.

Speaking on the Panama leaks issue, he said, the opposition desires the accountability only of the Prime Minister and his family. But, we have a clear stance that accountability should be for everyone. “Why PTI forgets Imran Khan’s offshore company when they talk of accountability. It seems as they are closing their eyes to this reality.”

He contested that the demand of the opposition was unjust as demanding the accountability of each relative of the Prime Minister was unlawful. “The law is clear that family means the Prime Minister, his children and the spouse and not his other relatives.”

He questioned that would it be fair if the government demands to include the name of father of Imran Khan in the list of those to be probed. “If the opposition desires accountability then it will be across the board. You cannot focus only one family for accountability.”