PTDC considering to set-up TIC in Khewra


ISLAMABAD, Nov 7 (APP): Pakistan Tourism Development
Corporation (PTDC) is considering to set-up a Tourist Information
Centre (TIC) in Khewra.
This was stated by Abdul Ghafoor Khan, Managing Director PTDC
during a meeting held Monday with M.Ashraf, Assistant Commissioner
Pind Dadan Khan and Khewra Salt Mines Administration.
He said that the Salt Mines of Khewra are the backbone of
Pakistan’s mineral industry. The products of Salt is famous all
over the World.
He said that there was lack of tourist facilities in the area
but holding of 1st Rock Salt festival earlier this year has created
awareness among the tourists resulting in a remarkable increase PTDC
plans to hold such festival in near future.
He urged the mines Authorities for taking care of General
cleanliness as well as appropriate lighting arrangements.
He also stressed upon the need of improvement in accommodation
facilities for the tourist.