Proper training of children can bring positive change in society: First Lady

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ISLAMABAD, Feb 2 (APP): First Lady Begum Mehmooda Mamnoon
Hussain Thursday said children are the future of a country and
their proper training can bring positive change at home and
Speaking to students of Islamabad model schools for girls at
Awan e Sadr, she said modern technology has made it easy for girls
to get religious knowledge while sitting at their homes.
The first lady has started a series of lectures on
training of girls and their religious and worldly education where
students of various schools are invited and informed about
their duties so that they can play their role in development and
prosperity of the country.
She said Namaz is a basic pillar of Islam and a Muslim is
incomplete without its culmination.
Offering Namaz or Salah has been emphasised in the Holy Quran time and
again, she added.
She said Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has placed Namaz
in the first category and directed for its early offering.
The first lady said basic purpose of bowing before Allah
Almighty is to thank our Creator for His blessings upon us.
She said Namaz brings submissiveness in a human being and
eliminates egoism and stubbornness.
According to an Hadith of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)
one who intentionally quits Namaz becomes sinful, she said and added another Hadith says Namaz is a pillar of religion and he who leaves Namaz hurt the religion.
First Lady Mahmooda Hussain said Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be
Upon Him) during his last moments of life advised the Muslims to
keep offering prayer after his demise.
The importance of Salah is evident from the sayings of Prophet Muhammad
(Peace Be Upon Him), she added.
She said Namaz creates feelings of cleanliness and
purity in a human personality besides making one disciplined and
time abiding.
After her speech the First Lady mingled with the students. The
student informed her about their curricular activities.