ISLAMABAD, May 28 (APP): The government spokesperson Saturday clarified that in the performance of his functions under the Constitution, the Prime Minister may act either directly or through the federal ministers.

In a statement, he said Rules of the Business authorize the
Prime Minister to nominate a cabinet member to preside over cabinet meetings as well as of the National Economic Council and others.

The spokesman quoted the Article 48 of the Constitution saying that the President acts on advice of the Prime Minister or Cabinet as the case be.

He said that the Prime Minister may even assign Divisions to
a minister.

The Spokesperson said according to the Section 12(1) of the Prime Minister’s Salary, Allowances and Privileges Act, 1975: “The Prime Minister may avail himself of leave of absence during his term of office, at any one time or from time to time, for urgent reasons of health or private affairs, for a period not exceeding three months in the aggregate.”

Article 90 of the constitution “The Federal Government: (1)
Subject to the Constitution, the executive authority of the
Federation shall be exercised in the name of the President by the Federal Government, consisting of the Prime Minister and the Federal Ministers, which shall act through the Prime Minister, who shall be the chief executive of the Federation.