President urges need to emulate real teachings of Eid ul Fitr

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ISLAMABAD, June 26 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain has
emphasized that Islamic teachings on the eve of Eidul Fitr have
assumed greater significance in the context of prevalent challenges
posed by the modern life.
He said these teachings have the panacea for all the
complicated issues posed by the modern life which required to be
fully understood and emulated in their true essence.
These teachings would also help us to promote peace, harmony
and affection not only in our motherland, but also in the entire
world, he added.
Felicitating the nation and the Muslim Ummah on the holy
event, the president in his message noted that the day reminded us
to bury the hatchet and ill feelings by promoting brotherhood. It
would require individual efforts, so that in the end, it could
contribute towards collective progress and prosperity.
Praying for unity and solidarity of the Muslim Ummah, the
president observed that after Ramzanul Mubarak, the subsequent
celebration of Eid ul Fitr was a blessing from the Almighty Allah
which carried objectives of unity, sympathy and brotherhood among
the Muslims.
Underscoring the importance of Eid ul Fitr, the president said
after observance of fasting, the faithful fully realize the issues
confronted by the weak segments of society, thus arousing
sympathetic feelings.
The faithful supplement their joys with their donations in the
form of Zakat etc, he said, adding these were the real teachings of
Islam with which the social differences could be overcome and a
foundation for prosperous society could be laid.