APP59-09 SHUJABAD: July 09 - Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari addressing a public gathering at Thana Chowk during election campaign 2018. APP photo by GM Kashif

SHUJABAD, July 9 (APP): Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Monday said that PPP would bring Food Cards through which eatables would be provided to the masses at cheaper rates.
Addressing the party workers here, he said that food stores would be opened at Union Council level which would be run by women that would not only help address issue of food shortage but also empower women.
He said the PPP was the only political party which also brought revolutionary programmes to alleviate poverty in the country. “We had launched BISP during the tenure of PPP government and now the scope of this programme would be extended”, he said. Similarly,
PPP launched Poverty Reduction programme in Sindh province in order to offer interest free loans to the poor, observed Bilawal Bhutto.
He added the programme helped in bringing 800,000 families out of poverty.
Bilawal promised that PPP would pay immense focus on healthcare and education and would make arrangement for free of cost treatment.
He said that international standard hospitals like SIUT were opened in Sindh.
He said, “We want to open these hospitals in the whole country”.
The PPP always served the poor masses, he said and added that Shaheed Bhutto gave land to the poor by retrieving it from landlords. If farmers would be prosperous then the country would be prosperous, stated PPP chairman.
“I am campaigning to complete the mission of Shaheed Bibi”, he said and urged the masses to vote for PPP in the general election. The PPP would resolve all problems of the people, he added.