PML-N Govt practically delivering under leadership of Prime Minister: Muqam

PESHAWAR, Jul 10 (APP): Advisor to Prime Minister Amir Muqam Monday said
that PML-N government under the leadership of Prime Minister, Muhammed Nawaz Sharif
was practically delivering which the party committed with the people during general
election 2013 compaign.
Talking to MPA Jamshaid Mohmand and Sher Zaman Thakar here, he said that
providing relief to masses was top priority of PML-N government and as per the
directives of Prime Minister work on many projects of public welfare were in progress.
He said that provision of sui-gas to PK-27 had already approved by the
PM and soon work on the project would be initiated.
Similarly, he said 40 MVA transformer for Jalala grid, 11 KV Omerabad
Feeder and a sub division of PESCO in Takhtbai are also approved.
He said the PML-N would fulfill all its promises made with the people
and would again come to power in 2018 general elections.