PM upholds sanctity of judiciary, national institutes: Muqam


PESHAWAR, June 12 (APP): Advisor to Prime Minister Amir Muqam on Monday said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has practically demonstrated that he uphold the sanctity of judiciary and national institutes of the country by presenting himself and family for accountability.
Talking to various delegations here at his office, he said the Prime
Minister would himself appear before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to uphold justice and ensure supremacy of law and judiciary in the country.
Muqam said that the masses had given mandate to PML-N leader Nawaz
Sharif to serve as Prime Minister of Pakistan, adding that demanding his resignation again and again is tantamount to disrespecting the mandate of masses.
He said Imran Khan’s dream to become the premier of Pakistan would never translate into reality. Khan is not interested in accountability rather in premiership, he remarked.
He said that the accountability and governance would have far better in
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa if Imran Khan or his party were so serious in accountability process. Corruption, nepotism and political victimization were so common in KP during the last four year forcing even the PTI MPAs in provincial assembly to raise their voice against injustices.
Engineer Amir Muqam Imran Khan is afraid of the Prime Minister’s
appearance before the JIT because Khan did his politics on the issue of Panama rather for resolution of masses’ issues service delivery.