ISLAMABAD, Nov 2 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
appreciating the people of country for rejecting the street agitation Wednesday said it was a matter of satisfaction for him that issue of Panama papers would be resolved in Supreme Court.

“I have been striving continuously for this, and had on my own
requested the Supreme Court to constitute a Commission,” the Prime Minister said while chairing a meeting of the federal cabinet here.

“A law was framed and a parliamentary committee was also constituted,
but all of our efforts remained unsuccessful. The objective of the agitators was to raise this issue on the streets alone. Thanks God, this issue has now come before the Supreme Court, where Insha Allah it would be decided in accordance with the Constitution and law,” he added.

The Prime Minister appreciated the people for rejecting the street
protest, adding, “Insha Allah the decision would be on merit.”

“Those who are now offering thanks, should have thanked much earlier,” he said, adding, “Our stance is very much clear from the day one.”