PM Nawaz Sharif exposes Indian brutalities in IOK at UN Assembly: Muqam

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PESHAWAR, Sept 22 (APP): Advisor to Prime Minister Amir Muqam on Thursday hailed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for exposing Indian brutalities in occupied Kashmir (IOK), at United Nations’ assembly.

He said the Premier made the International Community realize the severity of the issue and human rights’ violations.
Commenting on Prime Minister’s speech at UN assembly, he said that the Premier Nawaz Sharif very strongly conveyed Indian forces’ atrocities against innocent Kashmiries including females, elders, children and even infants to comity of nations and defended the peaceful struggle of Kashmiries for right to self determination.

He said the Prime Minister fought for the cause of Kashmiries at UN assembly and demanded peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue as per the aspiration of Kashmiri people.

Muqam said that PM Nawaz Sharif also informed the world that Pakistan is a responsible atomic power and wants amicable resolution of Kashmir issue through dialogue, adding the Premier told the UN assembly that Islamabad is a peaceful region and not wants conflict or war with any neighbouring state.

He said the role of Pakistan in war against terror, operation Zarb-e-Azb and the sacrifices rendered by the people and security forces of the country was highlighted by the Prime Minister very confidently and he demanded the world community to appreciate the country’s role in this war as much as it deserves.

Amir Muqam said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif presented all the facts before UN assembly in a balance manner, which is evident of the fact that he is a responsible international leader.