People invoved in illegal transplantation deserve no leniency: CM


LAHORE, May 7 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif expressed deep concern over the incident of illegal transplantation of kidneys and said that provincial government would go to any extent to eradicate this illegal trade.
He chaired a meeting on Sunday in which a report regarding the illegal transplantation of kidneys in the provincial capital was presented to him.
Addressing the meeting, the chief minister said illegal transplantation of kidneys was a criminal offence and people involved in this heinous crime did not deserve any leniency.
Law would come into force against those exploiting suffering humanity, he declared.
He said those involved in the illegal business of human organ transplantation didn’t deserve any concession and they should be given punishment as per the law. He directed the provincial heath department to be vigilant against the illegal organ trade and also run campaign for creating awareness among people about the illegal trade.
In order to stop illegal business of kidney transplantation, every possible support and cooperation must be provided to Punjab Human Organ Transplant Authority, he added.
The chief minister was also briefed about the formation of supervisory committees at the district level and effective monitoring system at the division level to stop illegal business of kidney transplantation.