Pakistan calls on UN, international community to stop bloodshed in IoK


ISLAMABAD, May 27 (APP): Pakistan strongly condemning killing of 12 Kashmiri youth in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK), Saturday called upon the United Nations and international community to stop bloodshed in the held valley.
Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz, in a statement issued here by Foreign Office, strongly condemned the killing of 12 Kashmiri youth by the Indian forces in Pulwama and Baramulla since yesterday. Three of them were martyred extra-judicially as had been done on numerous occasions in the recent past.
Highlighting the gravity of the situation, the adviser urged the international community, particularly the UN, Organization of Islamic Coopeartion, P-5 Members and human rights organizations, to call upon India to immediately stop the ruthless killing of defenceless Kashmiris in the Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.
India, he said, had banned the social, electronic and print media
to prevent reports of brutalities against Kashmiris from reaching the outside world. Despite the media blackout, the atrocities being committed
in IoK were being reported in Indian and international media, he added.
Those brutalities, he said, were also being increasingly criticized in many parliaments around the world.
India has been heightening tension at the Line of Control (LoC) to hide the crimes against the innocent Kashmiris being perpetrated with impunity, Sartaj said.
He expressed grave concern at the constant ceasefire violations by Indian forces at the LoC and the targeting of innocent Kashmiris in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
In their desperation to hide the reality of the indigenous uprising of young Kashmiris, including by tens of thousands of girls and boys, he said, India was trying to equate it with terrorism.
The facts, however, had repeatedly come out proving that indigenous
Kashmiris were killed by Indian occupation forces in ‘fake encounters’ and ‘buried’, claiming them to be ‘infiltrators’ from across the LoC, the adviser reminded.
He said in its latest effort to discredit the Kashmiri indigenous movement and justify its massive military action to wipe out Kashmiris, it was now bringing in the bogey of Daesh’s presence in IoK.
He said also India’s plan to gradually change the demography of the Indian occupied Kashmir to convert the majority Kashmir into a minority territory had been brought to the attention of the United Nations Security Council and the his (adviser’s) letter in that regard had been circulated by the UNSC president.
How many more Kashmiris would India kill so mercilessly if India
thought, Sartaj said, that by killing more and more Kashmiri youth India would suppress the Kashmiris movement for their right of
self-determination, it had not learnt any lessons from history.
He reaffirmed the government and the people of Pakistan’s
unflinching support for their Kashmiri brethren in IoK in their just struggle for the right-to self- determination as promised to them in the relevant UN Security Council’s resolutions on Kashmir.