Pak team performance evaluation test is World Hockey League, selector Qasim


LAHORE, May 30 (APP)- Member of the national hockey selection committee, former international, Qasim Khan believes the performance evaluation test of Pak senior hockey team will be in World hockey league in England next month to perform to a higher level.
“This event is going to be a real test of the team and reveal its exact
performance and progress to help us in knowing that where does it stand and how successful we have been in its rebuilding process,” he told APP here on Tuesday in an exclusive interview.
Qasim said a lot of time and resource investment have been made on
infusing new blood in order to ensure rebuilding of the team keeping an eye on future of Pakistan hockey as the present management of the Pakistan Hockey Federation inherited a fragile and weak team having old guards who have passed their prime time in the game.
“Selection committee was given a free hand by the PHF to take into
consideration every deserving player emerged in the talent hunt trials or being a part of the team national junior team,” he adding “That is why there are nine new players in the new look Pak team and the selection committee believes that the real performance and individual talent of the players will be gaged during the World Hockey league.”
Qasim Khan a former right winger was of the view that playing against
top hockey nations of the world during the league will bring into reality the progress and performance run of the team.
“The team is without adequate international experience and exposure as majority of its players are new, some of them made their debut during the tour of New Zealand and Australia in recent months and some of them are uncapped but the selection committee is confident that they will justify their inclusion by putting up a good show,” he said.
The national selector said the immediate task of the team is to qualify
for the next year’s World Cup and less than that is not acceptable.
The boys have been given a clear message to utilize their energy to the
maximum level for achieving this objective and nothing cannot be compromised on it, he added.
“It is sign of worry for us that being at number 14th in world ranking
we are nowhere compared to our glittering past but we cannot live with the old legacy and we have to work hard to regain lost glory which is indeed a challenging task,” he said.
Qasim Khan said there is no short cut to the success as other hockey
nations are far ahead in every department of the team and they are not ready to give space to other sides.
“A lot of energetic efforts and greater commitment are needed on part of our team to make its presence felt in the world hockey by producing good results and if the team lives up to the expectations and qualifies for World Cup then it will be understood that we are in right direction as far as our hockey progress is concerned,” he added.