Pak-Argentina agreed to cooperate in education, trade, culture


ISLAMABAD, May 27 (APP): Ambassador of Argentina to Pakistan Ivan Ivanissevich on Friday said that his country would like to work in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan in the sector of education, trade and culture.

During a meeting with the minister of state for federal education Engr Muhammad Baligh ur Rahman, the ambassador also offered to give lectures in schools, colleges and universities to share his wide experience of education with Pakistani Students.

The Minister hailed the offer of Ivan to work with Pakistan in education, trade and culture and welcomed his offer to give talks in schools, colleges and universities here.

Minister of State welcomed Ivan Ivanissevich as he has been reappointed as the Ambassador of Argentina to Pakistan, the second time, after 8 years of his previous tenure.

Ivan said that there are certain problems faced by Argentina in the realm of education and there is no harm in discussing them, because honesty always leads you to the better destinations.

Literacy rate and quality of education, he said, was way better in Argentina back in 60’s, but now the literacy rate has gone down to 85% from 99%, which is a big concern for us.

Moreover he said that “we have certain socio-economic problems as well in our country due to which our education system has been affected”.

The ambassador told the minister that as an academician he has already taught International Relations in Quaid e Azam University in his previous tenure.

He said that people here, know very little about Latin America and it would be a great opportunity for them to learn from your broad experience to know about this region of the world.

He also asked the ambassador to pursue the accords signed between the two countries in order to have better exchange programs. “We should have exchange programs of students and teachers, collaboration in research and scholarships for the students in both the countries, “said the Minister.

There are certain problems in our education system, but things are getting improved now, as you have mentioned already that socio-economic factors do affect the system of education of any country, stated the Minister.

He also told the Ambassador about the current scenario of education in Pakistan.

In the end, Minister of State presented the token of appreciation to the Ambassador of Argentina.