PAF not establishing aircraft maintenance centre in Nowshera


ISLAMABAD, April 11 (APP): Minister of State for Interior and Narcotics Control Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman on Tuesday informed the Senate that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) was not establishing any centre for aircraft maintenance in Nowshera.
Answering a question on behalf of Minister for Defence in the
House, he said it was a provincial government project. The KP-TEVTA
Board of Directors had approved establishment of a college to introduce commercial aircraft maintenance course as a vocational trade.
Keeping in view the importance of the trade and its benefit to
the youth, he said, the KP-TEVTA decided to start the college in the existing secondary school building where enrollment of students was
less than 30 percent.
However, due to some administrative issues, the provincial government later decided to make alternate arrangements and the project was dropped temporarily, he added.