ISLAMABAD, Jul 25 (APP):As many as 105,955,409 registered voters will cast their vote Wednesday that included 59,224,263 male and 46,731,146 female voters.
According to an official of ECP, 60,672,870 registered voters are from Punjab, 22,391,244 from Sindh, 15,316,299 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 4,299,494 from Balochistan, 2,510,154 from FATA and 765,348 from Islamabad.
He said that in Punjab male registered voters are 33,679,993 and female registered voters are 26,992,877 while in Sindh male registered voters are 12,679,993 and female registered voters are 9,954,400.
Similarly, male registered voters in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are 8,705,831 and female voters are 6,610,468 while in Balochistan male voters are 2,486,230 and female voters are 1,813,264.
In FATA male voters are 1,507,902 and female voters are 1,002,252 while in Islamabad male voters are 407,463 and female voters are 357,885.