OIC members to work together for combating terrorism


ISTANBUL April 15 (APP): Member states of Organization
of Islamic Conference (OIC) on Friday reaffired to collectively
fight the menace of terrorism through increased international
soliderity and cooperation.

The member states in a joint communique adopted at the end of 13th summit stressed that the fight against terrorism is a major priority for all member states, and reiterated its resolve to work together to prevent and suppress terrorist acts through increased international solidarity and cooperation, in full recognition of the UN’s central role, and in accordance with UN Charter and obligations under international law.

The conference recalled resolution 41/42 POL on Combating
Terrorism and Extremism adopted by 42nd CFM and welcomed outcome of the OIC Executive Committee at ministerial level on Combating International Terrorism and Violent Extremism in the Muslim World held in Jeddah on February 15, 2015 as well as outcome of the ministerial brainstorming session in Kuwait in May 2015.