Notification issued for extension in powers of Rangers in Sindh


ISLAMABAD, April 24 (APP): The Interior Ministry has issued notification for further extension in powers and stay of Rangers in Sindh.
According to the Interior Ministry, the Rangers were given powers under Anti Terrorism Act 1997.
According to the notification, the stay of Rangers has been extended for another 90 days.
The Interior Ministry turned down the proposals of the Sindh government to give powers to Rangers with certain conditions, the notification said.
According to the reply through a letter sent by Interior Ministry to the Sindh government, neither restriction can be put on the Anti-Terrorism law nor the relevant sections of the law can be changed.
The letter said the recommendations sent by the provincial government should be within legal limits and the proposals of the provincial government regarding powers of Rangers are beyond the law.
The proposals of the provincial government about powers of Rangers cannot be made part of the notification, it added.