MEP Sajjad Karim defends Pakistan in debate on human rights situation in European Parliament


ISLAMABAD, June 15 (APP): A prominent member of the European Parliament
Sajjad Karim has strongly defended Pakistan during a debate on, “Pakistan- notably the situation of human rights defenders and the death penalty” in the house highlighting the impact of international policies on situation in Pakistan.
According to a message received here Thursday, in his brief speech in
the parliament, he elaborated how the policies and decisions made on the basis of half facts and how adversely such policies leave negative impacts on the subject.
He said, “Our non-legislative and non-binding resolutions quite often
lead to complaints from third countries of factual inaccuracies.
Any consideration by an independent and informed eye of this resolution
actually betrays an acceptance that external and externally sponsored internal actors in Pakistan are facilitating the terrorist targeting of innocent civilians.
And the people of Pakistan have carried a very heavy burden on behalf of
the international community for a very long time – sometimes on very weak shoulders.
But it remains the case that our EU policy to support Pakistan in facing
the challenges of terrorism and the people of Pakistan remains the right approach.”
When asked if there should still be the death penalty in Pakistan,
Sajjad Karim said, “When a certain mind-set of individual attacks, maims and kills European citizens in Paris, we all say that is wrong. But I say to you colleagues this: that mind-set of individuals – when they attack us – they attack us for our values and it is that same mind-set that then attacks innocent children in Peshawar. If we have the right to stand by our values, we must stand by those innocent children when they are attacked as well.”
He actually highlighted the discrepancies in the approach and mind set
of the people who make policies and decisions without knowing the ground realities and gravity of the situation in the victim countries.
Referring to the human rights situation and revival of the death penalty
to punish the terrorists, he emphasized that the rampant terrorists’ attacks in Pakistan necessitated to take some stern steps as effective deterrence.