Media play pivotal role in managing disasters: Mussadiq Malik


ISLAMABAD, Jan 9 (APP): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Dr Mussadiq Malik during a consultative dialogue here on Saturday said specialized training and expertise was required for media reporting during disasters.
The National Consultative Dialogue organized by Mediations Pakistan and National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) was attended by a select gathering of media anchors, journalists, analysts, representatives of print media and civil society experts.
“Role of media is pivotal in managing the impacts of the disaster and we need to learn from our mistakes,” said Dr Mussadiq Malik during his remarks.
Earlier Wajih Akbar from Mediations Pakistan presented the context of the Consultative Dialogue. Wajih said that Pakistan had a vibrant media industry, therefore, it was imperative to get the point of view from media while making any guideline about disaster management plans in the country.
The objective of the cvonsultative dialogue was to brainstorm on the role of media in disaster management and identify key challenges that come in the course of objective reporting.
NDMA Chairman Major General Asghar Nawaz, in his welcome remarks, highlighted the fact that Pakistan was a land prone to disasters. “Therefore, we need a vigilant media to inform and educate the public to take preemptive measures in disasters.”
Media had an ability to become eyes and ears of NDMA and guide it to plan better in the future, he added. Senator Nuzhat Sadiq, National Chairperson Pakistan Girl
Guides Association, said that the main role of media was to educate
the masses to remain calm in case of any disaster.
“We lose more lives due to panic during disaster” said Senator Nuzhat Sadiq in her remarks.
Participants during the candid discussion shared their perspectives to improve the role of media in disaster management. Key participants included Muhammad Ziauddin, Mazhar Abbas, Jamal Shah, P J Meer, Waseem Badami, Asghar Nadeem Syed, Dr Farzana
Bari, Matiulllah Jan, Abdul Sattar Khan, Faisal Rehman, Anwarul Hasan, Abdur Rauf, Beenish Saleem, Munizae Jehangir, Nadia Mirza, Saira Kabeer, Sahir Lodhi, Dr Moeed Pirzada, Ammar Masood, Faisal Shakeel Syed and key reporters from print and electronic channels.