Media forum on approaching core zone of Silk Road begins


HRUMQI, May 9 (APP): Xinjiang connects Chinese market of 1.3 billion people with the markets of equal size of population in central, West, South Asia and the Middle East.
As a core area on the “Silk road economic belt,” Xinjiang will certainly play an increasingly important role in the new era.
Madam Tian Wen a senior member of Communist Party of China
and director information office Xinjiang autonomous region of
China said this while, speaking at the welcome dinner for
the participants of the media Forum titled ‘Approaching the core zone (Xinjiang) of Silk Road economic belt’ here on Tuesday night.
The 47 representatives of various media organisations from world including China, Pakistan, Turkey, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Qatar, Kuwait, Philippines, Japan, Austria, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand and Turkmenistan are participating in the event.
Madam Tian Wen further said that located in the far north west
of China, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region covers an area of
1.66 million square kilometres. This is biggest administrative
division of China in terms of land mass.
Xinjiang borders on eight countries from northeast to Southwest, Mongolia,Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan,Pakistan and India with a longest borderline in the country.
She said that since ancient times, Xinjiang has been an important corridor of exchange and communication, through which people of multi ethnicity travelled, interacted and exchanged cultures.
She said that Xinjiang is home to multiethnic groups and
abounds in cultural resources. 23 million people hail from 55 ethnic groups, 13 of which are native ones. For thousands of years people of various ethnic groups have created the brilliant civilisation and left numerous heritages.
Diverse religions including Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and
Taoism are practiced side by side here. She said that Xinjiang is the only place in the world where four civilisations interacted.
She also highlighted economic achievements of the region and various aspects of its importance. The event will continue till May 20.