Inter-faith leaders attend Iftar dinner at Pakistan embassy in Washington


WASHINGTON, June 21 (APP) Inter-faith leaders at an Iftar dinner hosted by the Pakistan embassy in Washington highlighted the commonalities present in their religions to foster harmony, love and humanity in the world.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was the chief guest at the Iftar dinner the Embassy held to share the blessings of Ramazan and promote interfaith harmony, peace and cooperation. Eminent representatives of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hidu, Buddhist and Sikh religions underscored the importance of interfaith harmony and tolerance.
The leaders of faith prayed in their languages for world peace and highlighted the commonalities present in their religions which serve to foster harmony, love and humanity in the world. These leaders included Ms. Jo Reed, Cardinal Theodore Edgar McCarrick, Nanak Lahori, Rabbi Batya Steinlauf, Ambassador Akbar Ahmed and Dr. Rajwant Singh.
Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry, in his brief remarks, underscored that interfaith harmony is a vital aspect of the genesis of Pakistan and its national existence going back in history. He said that Pakistan is a melting pot of many cultural influences including Indus Valley and Ghandara Civilizations.
The Ambassador emphasized on the significance of tolerance and interfaith harmony for a vibrant, tolerant and pluralistic Pakistan.
The Ambassador also highlighted Pakistan’s active participation in the international efforts to promote interfaith harmony including in the UN Alliance of Civilization, and as a long-standing Chair of OIC in Human Rights Council in Geneva.
On domestic front, the people and armed forces of Pakistan have made enormous sacrifices to overcome the forces of darkness, extremism and terrorism. Pakistan’s victory against these challenges is unprecedented.
The guests at the event, coming from different faiths and walks of life including Americans government officials, commended the Embassy for providing speakers of different faiths a platform to share the message of common values of humanity.