Intending pilgrims told to take mandatory vaccination


RIYADH, Aug 13 (APP/IINA): The Ministry of Health called on the
foreign and domestic Hajj pilgrims to take the required vaccination well before setting out their pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah.
The ministry posted an awareness infographic design giving details of
the mandatory vaccination on its Twitter page.
The domestic pilgrims have to take vaccination against meningitis at
least 10 days before they are heading for Makkah.
They also have to take vaccination against seasonal influenza two
weeks before their pilgrimage trip.
The foreign pilgrims have to take four types of vaccination. Pilgrims
from the regions that are hit by yellow fever have to take vaccination against this disease.
Vaccines against polio, meningitis and seasonal flu have also to be
taken, according to a statement from the ministry.