Industrialists, exporters’ problems to be resolved: Malik

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KARACHI, Oct 5 (APP): Federal Minister for Commerce and
Textiles, Muhammad Pervez Malik, said the problems of
the industrialists and exporters would be resolved.
In a meeting at the Pakistan Federation of Commerce and
Industry (FPCCI), here on Thursday he said the resolution of
such problems was among the priorities of the government.
The minister said the purpose of his visit today was to
listen to the problems so that effective steps be undertaken for
solving these.
He said concrete steps taken by the present
government helped streamlined the affairs, improved the country’s
economy and put Pakistan on the path of progress and development.
Pervez Malik said people were with the president of
PML-N Muhammad Nawaz Sharif who as a prime minister
had done a lot for the betterment of the country.
The president of FPCCI Zubair Khaliq said the present
government’s measures resulted in improvement of economy and also
referred to the mega projects of CPEC.
He expressed the determination that reduction in tariff of electricity
and gas to the industrial sector would help substantially enhance
country’s exports.