Imran urges voters to come out on July 25 for change

APP65-23 LAHORE: July 23 - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan addressing a public meeting during election campaign at Jallo More. APP photo by Rana Imran


LAHORE, Jul 23 (APP):Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday appealed to the voters to come out of their houses on July 25, the polling day, for changing Pakistan’s fate.
Addressing public meetings here at Bhaati, Jallo, Wapda Town and other places of the city, he assured the people that if they elected the PTI to the government, the party would ensure equality
in society; strengthen the institutions; provide safe drinking water, construct technical colleges across the country and better take care of the minority communities of Pakistan by giving their due rights.
Imran Khan eulogized the role of youth in taking forward the PTI agenda by creating awareness and encouraging the general public to speak of their heart.
He advised the youth to continue with this spirit and prove their mettle on election’s day by defeating the looters and plunders of the country’s resources and hard-earned money of the people. “You have to decide and think upon, which one of the political leaders has the vision to change your fate and make your future bright,” he maintained.
Imran Khan said the upcoming general election would be a great opportunity for the people to get rid of those Pharaohs looting and plundering the country’s resources and public money for the last 30 years. The past rulers and even their children and grand children had become billionaire, while the people were getting from poor to poorest, he said and mentioned that the father of former finance minister Ishaq Dar had a small shop of bicycles, and now people must know how Mr. Dar became billionaire.
Imran Khan claimed that Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari ruled the country for three decades and instead of empowering the people, they made them slave and misused the police for their personal interests.
The looter of Rs 300 billion of public money, he said, was now complaining of mosquitoes, hotness and other difficulties in the jail. The public money, which had to be spent on education, health, employment, clean drinking water and other civic amenities and infrastructure, was stashed by the past rulers to other countries.
The entire police had been providing security to the past rulers besides torturing the people at large, implicate them into fake cases and grabbed their properties for then rulers, he alleged.
He claimed that during PTI’s government, no any single individual in KPK was killed in fake police encounters, assuring that if people give a chance to his party, it would also streamline the police department in Punjab.
Giving details of the last KPK’s elected government, Imran Khan said even though the entire KPK annual development budget was Rs 110 billion against Rs 350 billion of Lahore alone, the PTI
government had managed to increased the number of doctors in the province from 3600 to 9500, constructed 27 new hospitals, depoliticized the police, established 60 new colleges, 10 new universities,
300 new schools, installed 300 small hydel power projects across the provinces, issued health insurance card to the poor and brought the poverty graph from 30 percent to 12 percent, besides planting
1.18 billion trees in the province.
Imran Khan added that unfortunately, the past rulers instead of getting the nation on their own feet; introducing reforms; strengthening the institutions and ensuring supremacy of the Constitution and law of the land, had bowed down to others, took heavy loans and lost their dignity and respect, and brought
ignominy and shame to the Pakistani nation.
The past rulers had used advertisements to gain popularity, he said, asserting that goodwill, respect and development could not be achieved through hollow slogans and tall claims. He asked that who would listen to the leader whose entire assets were abroad and whose sons did not justify their incomes and property.
Imran Khan said the recent rains had exposed Sharif brothers’ tall claims of transforming Lahore into Paris. He criticized that former Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had used to say that
he would also make Peshawar and Karachi as Lahore like Paris, asserting that people had now come to know the reality of hollow claims of the past rulers. Sharif brothers had transformed nothing into Paris but their farm houses of Jati Umra, he blamed.