Ifran breaks five records in 40 days


ISLAMABAD, Mar 3 (APP): Pakistan’s Muhammad Ifran Mehsud name
has been added to the Guinness World Record (GWR) for his unbeatable
Kung Fu skills for breaking five records consecutively in just 40
days in the year 2016.
The Guinness World Records (GWR), the global authority on
record breaking achievements, approved Irfan’s records for, “The
most full contact knee strikes in one minute using one leg is 87.”
The rest of his records include most pushup (one leg raised,
carrying 40lb pack) in one minute is 31, the most knuckle pushups
(carrying 40-lb pack) in one minute is 26, the most knuckle pushups
(one leg raised carrying a 40-lb pack) in one minute is 21, and the
most pushups (one leg raised and carrying an 80-lb weight on the
back) in one minute is 21.
He achieved these records during October 8 to November 20.
Irfan, 26, is an M.phil student from Ladha, South Waziristan
tribal region. Irfan broke the record of another Pakistani too.
Ahmad Amin Bodla was the record holder for making 79 strikes in one
minute while Mehsud got 87 strikes in the same time. Bodla belongs
to Punjab province of Pakistan.
Irfan told APP that he had got inspiration from a renowned
Chinese martial arts player known for Kung Fu art Jackie Chan.
Mehsud said he wanted to build a martial arts academy to train the
Irfan said he planed to go abroad for advance training if he
would get support from the higher authorities.
“I need equipment for advance training to compete in global competitions and bring laurels for my country,” he said.