High Commission London’s buses wrapping initiative earns wide appreciation

ISLAMABAD, July 10 (APP): The Pakistan diaspora, and the locals, in
the United Kingdom have widely hailed the effort of the Pakistan High Commission, London in promoting the real image of “Emerging Pakistan”, through fully wrapped visuals of Pakistan on London’s iconic red double-decker buses.
The eye-catching buses have specially gained the attention of the
youth and the tourists who are enthralled by the beautiful landscape and fascinating architecture of Pakistan wrapped on the buses, a message received here Monday said.
Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, Syed Ibne Abbas while
appreciating the response of the diaspora said the aim of the exercise was to introduce Pakistan to the world by showcasing its pristine beauty.
He said the pictures of the buses going viral on the social media was a
manifestation of the fact that people want to know more about Pakistan.
The High Commission pledged to continue its efforts for promoting such
events in future also, he added.
The initiative is a part of celebrations planned by the Pakistan High
Commission London for the 70th Independence Anniversary of Pakistan this year which is sponsored by the Bestway Group. The branding campaign will continue to run until July 25, 2017.