Govt initiated number of power projects to overcome energy crises: Talal Ch

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ISLAMABAD, Apr 4 (APP): Leader, PML-N Talal Chaudhary says on Tuesday the incumbent government has initiated a number of power projects to overcome energy crises.
In an interview with Radio Pakistan Talal ch, further highlighted that PML-N government had to face two main challenges when it came into power. Firstly, produce enough electricity and secondly ensuring the production of cheap electricity.
Previously, expensive electricity was being produced in our country. Old machinery with 20% efficiency was being used for this purpose, he added.
PML-N leader mentioned that Punjab government at its own has initiated many power projects through which enough electricity would be added in National system.
“We are sure that load-shedding would be eliminated in November this year”, he said.
He urged the other provincial governments should also support the federal government in stopping power theft and energy savings as well.
Many mega projects including Kala Bagh Dam are often influenced by negative politics, said, adding that we should stand united for the sake of national interests.