Fruits worth $325.63 mln, vegetables $356.32 mln exported in last 3 quarters


ISLAMABAD, May 2 (APP): Fresh fruits worth US$ 325.631 million and vegetables valuing US$ 113.167 million were exported during first three quarters of current financial year as compared the exports of the corresponding period of last year.
During the period from July-March, 2016-17 about 439,797 metric tons of fresh fruits and 386,109 metric tons of vegetables were exported as compared the exports of same period last year.
During first nine months of current financial year, exports of fruits and vegetables decreased by 8.61 percent and 24.87 percent respectively, according the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.
Fruits and vegetables exports from the country during first 3 quarters of last financial year were recorded at 590.671 metric tons worth US$ 356.32 million and 508,355 metric tons valuing US$ 150.632 million respectively.
Meanwhile, 43,125 metric tons of meat and meat preparations valuing US$ 163.212 million were exported in last 9 months as compared the exports of 61,656 metric tons worth US$ 212.36 million of same period of last year.
During last nine months of current financial year, country earned US$ 276.269 million by exporting the fish and fish products as compared the exports of 92,046 metric tons valuing US$ 240.38 million of same period last year.