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Aamer bags first hat-trick in PSL
ISLAMABAD, Feb 5 (APP): Mohammad Aamer becomes the first bowler to bag a hat-trick in the ongoing Pakistan Super League 2016 after he dismissed Dwayne Bravo, Zohaib Khan and Kevon Cooper. It was the 19th over of the second match of PSL 2016, when Aamer entertained the crowd with PSL’s very first hat-trick, a private news channel reported.
Saleem Rajput elected chairman of Karachi Softball Association
KARACHI, Feb 5 (APP): Muhammad Saleem Rajput has been elected unanimously as chairman of the Karachi Softball Association. An announcement on Friday said that the decision to this effect was taken at the annual general body meeting of the Karachi Softball Association (KSA) chaired by its president Asif Azeem.
Board decides to review ICC’s constitution and governance structures
KARACHI, Feb 4 (APP): The International Cricket Council (ICC) Board considered amendments that had been made to the ICC’s constitution in 2014 and agreed that, ICC announced on Thursday. “In order to avoid any potential conflicts of interest and to follow best practice principles of good governance, it would seek to re-establish as quickly as possible the independent position of ICC Chairman,” world governing body announced in a statement.
PSL going to be more like IPL than other leagues: Sethi
ISLAMABAD, Feb 4 (APP): Chairman Pakistan Super League (PSL) Governing Council Najam Sethi has said that the PSL is going to be more like the Indian Premier League IPL than the other leagues.   "I say that because there are 200 million Pakistanis at home and abroad. This is by far the single biggest eyeball market in the cricketing world outside of India," he said in an interview with prominent cricket website ESPNcricinfo.   Sethi expressed the desire to hold to the PSL in Pakistan stating, "That is our aim. It is dependent on two things: the financial success of the PSL, how it catches the imagination of the Pakistanis and the world, and on the security situation."
Current generation missing Indo-Pak rivalry: Shoaib Akhtar
ISLAMABAD, Feb 4 (APP): Former pacer Shoaib Akhtar feels the current generation is missing out the unique rivalry of cricket matches between Pakistan and India saying he was looking forward to the Asia Cup where both the countries will meet each other. The cricket lovers around the globe can now take a sigh of relief as they don't have to wait too much to see the Indo-Pak encounter as both the sides will be face to face in the Asia Cup on February 27 in Mirpur, Bangladesh, which will be in its new avatar as a Twenty-20 tournament.
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HEC reviews governance, quality assurance mechanism of 100 Varsities - Police arrested 11 suspects, recovered arms - BISP, AHAN, TCS sign MoU on E-Commerce - Political reconciliation only viable option for durable Afghan peace... - Pakistan raises Kashmir issue at UN, OIC forums: Mirwaiz - CM pays surprise visit to Orange Line Metro Train project
PML (Q) issues candidate list for provincial assembly PDF Print E-mail
LAHORE, Dec 13 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League (Q) Thursday issued the list of its candidates for the general elections for Provincial Assembly of the Punajb.

The constituencies and names of the candidates are as under:

District:      Continuency         Name

Rawalpindi     PP-1           Sardar Muhammad Sajid Khan

               PP-2           Raja Nausherwan

               PP-3           Chaudhry Javed Kausar Adv

               PP-4           Raja Shaukat Aziz Bhatti

               PP-5           Eng. Raja Qamar-ul-Islam

               PP-6           Muhammad Basharat Raja

               PP-7           Muhammad Shafique

               PP-8           Malik Taimur Masud

               PP-9           Moin Sultan

               PP-10          Raja Faisal Iqbal

               PP-11          Raja Rashid Hafeez

               PP-12          Zohaib Ali Khan Afridi

               PP-13          Chaudhry Muhammad Adnan

               PP-14          Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan

Attock         PP-15          Syed Ijaz Hussain Bukhari

               PP-17          Chaudhry Sher Ali

               PP-18          Col. ® Malik Muhammad Anwar

               PP-19          Malik Aitbar


Chakwal        PP-20          Ijaz Hussain Farhat

               PP-21          Peer Shaukat Hussain

               PP-22          Khurram Nawab

               PP-23          Qazi Zahoor Anwar


Jehlum         PP-24          Dr. Abdul Qayyum Ch.

               PP-25          Ch. Qurban Hussain

               PP-26          Khan Abdul Quddoos Khan

               PP-27          Ch. Nazar Hussain Gondal


Sargodha       PP-28          Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad Bharth

               PP-29          Mehar Ghulam Dastagir Luk

               PP-30          Tahir Ahmad Sindhu

               PP-31          Mian Manazir Ali Ranjha

               PP-32          Chaudhry Amir Sultan Cheema

               PP-33          Begum Farhana Shoaib Awan

               PP-34          Muhammad Sarfraz Gondal

               PP-35          Chaudhry Faisal Farooq Cheema

               PP-36          Chaudhry Faisal Javed Ghumman

               PP-37          Maj. ® Asghar Hayat Kalyar

               PP-38          Muhammad Munir Qureshi


Khushab        PP-39          Faisal Aziz

               PP-40          Iqbal Ottra


Mianwali       PP-43          Amanatullah Shadikhel


Bhakkar        PP-46          Muhammad Sibtain Khan

               PP-47          Ameer Muhammad Khan

               PP-48          Saeed Akbar Khan

               PP-49          Saeed Akbar Khan

               PP-50          Adil Nazir Ottra


Faisalabad     PP-51          Muhammad Afzal Sahi

               PP-52          Zafar Zulqarnain Sahi

               PP-53          Mian Ghulam Haider Bari

               PP-54          Munir Ahmad Khan

               PP-55          Zaheer-ud-Din

               PP-56          Rai Ijaz Hussain

               PP-57          Khalid Mehmood Wattoo

               PP-58          Chaudhry Shahid Khalil Noor

               PP-59          Ch. Arif Mehmood Gill 55

               PP-60          Ch. Khalid Mehmood Nabi Adv.

               PP-61          Dildar Ahmad Cheema

               PP-62          Ahsan Raza

               PP-63          Muhammad Ajmal

               PP-64          Khalid Siddique Dhillon

               PP-65          Haji Basharat Ali Manj

               PP-66          Malik Shakil Ahmad Awan

               PP-67          Rana Arif Touseef

               PP-68          Mian Zulfiqar Inayat

               PP-69          Ch. Mumtaz Ali Cheema

               PP-70          Mian Muhammad Afzal 66

               PP-71          Khayal Ahmad Kastroo

               PP-72          Raja Adnan Tariq Ali


Jhang          PP-75          Muhammad Nawaz Bharwana

               PP-76          Sultan Sikndar Bharwana

               PP-77          Muhammad Yaqoob Sheikh

               PP-78          Zahoor Sajid Janjua

               PP-79          Muhammad Qamar Hayat Kathya

               PP-80          Mehar Ghulam Muhammad Lali

               PP-82          Muhammad Azam Chaila

               PP-81          Charagh Akbar

               PP-83          Najaf Abbas Siyal


Toba Tek Singh PP-84          Ch. Bilal Asghar

               PP-85          Mian Tariq Mehmood

               PP-86          Dr. Ashfaq-ur-Rehman

               PP-87          Brig. ® Javed Akram

               PP-88          Ashifa Riaz Fatyana

               PP-89          Makhdoom Syed Ali Raza

               PP-90          Saeed Ahmad Saeedi


Gujranwala     PP-91          Amir Farooq Khan

               PP-92          Chaudhry Asif Iqbal

               PP-93          Zahid Usman

               PP-94          Khuwaja Waqar Hassan

               PP-95          Dr. Sajjad Mehmood Dharriwal

               PP-96          Muhammad Ashraf Butt

               PP-97          Chaudhry Muhammad Nasir Cheema

               PP-98          Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal

               PP-99          Dr. Sohail Zafar Cheema

               PP-100         Ch. Shamshad Ahmad Khan

               PP-101         Khalid Pervez Virk

               PP-102         Irfan Bashir Gujjar

               PP-103         Hamid Nasir Chattha

PP-104 Muhammad Azam Akbar Kalair


District:      Continuency         Name

Hafizabad      PP-105         Rai Riasat Ali

               PP-106         Shaukat Ali Bhatti

               PP-107         Blank Issued


Gujrat         PP-108         Khalid Asghar Ghurral

               PP-109         Ch. Abdullah Yousaf Warraich

               PP-110         Ch. Moonis Elahi

               PP-111         Mian Imran Masud

               PP-112         Ch. Liaquat Ali Bhaddar

               PP-113         Mian Tariq Mehmood

               PP-114         Ch. Muhammad Arshad

               PP-115         Nasir Sidh

Mandi Bahuddin PP-116         Hameeda Waheed-ud-Din

               PP-117         Basma Chaudhry

               PP-118         Ch. Pervez Elahi

               PP-119         Maj. ® Ehsan Elahi Ch.

               PP-120         Ch. Muhammad Arif Gondal


Sialkot        PP-121         Muhammad Ajmal Cheema

               PP-122         Umar Farooq Dar

               PP-123         Mehar Arshad Mehmood

               PP-124         Mian Muhammad Riaz

               PP-125         Ch. Khush Akhtar Subhani

               PP-126         Syed Akhtar Hussain Rizvi

               PP-127         Ch. Armughan Subhani

               PP-128         Muhammad Rizwan

               PP-129         Ansar Iqbal Baryar

               PP-130         Chaudhry Mumtaz Ali

               PP-131         Muhammad Azeem Ghumman


Narowal        PP-132         Syed Saeed-ul-Hassan

               PP-133         Dr. Tahir Ali Javed

               PP-134         Col ® Muhammad Abbas

               PP-135         Ch. Khizar Ilyas Virk

               PP-136         Lt. Col ® Shujat Ahmad Khan


Lahore         PP-137         Hafiz Abdul Ghaffar

               PP-138         Zaheer Ahmad

               PP-139         Arif Sana Bajwa

               PP-140         Nazir Ahmad Chauhan

               PP-141         Tariq Badaruddin Bandey

               PP-142         Haji Muhammad Hanif

               PP-143         Malik Muhammad Asghar Khan

               PP-144         Talat Ahmad Mian

               PP-145         Haji Imdad Hussain

               PP-146         Imran Ahmad Khan

               PP-147         Abdul Aleem Khan

               PP-148         Mian Muhammad Aslam Iqbal

               PP-149         Malik Habib Ullah Bhatti

               PP-150         Haji Muhammad Arshad Dogar

               PP-151         Mian Fayyaz Khalid

               PP-152         Ch. Moonis Elahi

               PP-153         Muhammad Asghar Chaudhry

               PP-154         Fayyaz Bhatti

               PP-155         Chaudhry Nasir Mehmood Jatt

               PP-156         Muhammad Shoaib Sidiquee

               PP-157         Naveed Ashiq Dayal

               PP-158         Ch. Talib Hussain Sindhu

               PP-159         Ch. Muhammad Mansha Sindhu

               PP-160         Muhammad Akram Khokhar

               PP-161         Abdul Rasheed Bhatti


Sheikhupura    PP-162         Sajid Bashir Butter

               PP-163         Rana Ijaz Hussain

               PP-164         Ali Abbas

               PP-165         Rao Jehanzeb Khan

               PP-166         Munawar Hussain Manj

               PP-167         Mian Khalid Mehmood

               PP-168         Abid Hussain Chattha

               PP-169         Rana Waheed Ahmad


Nankana        PP-170         Hamid Munir

               PP-171         Sardar Iftikhar Ahmad Dogar

               PP-172         Malik Zulqarnain Dogar

               PP-173         Mehar Javed Manzoor Gill

               PP-174         Agha Ali Haider


Kasur          PP-175         Chaudhry Muhammad Ilyas Khan

               PP-176         Sardar Shaukat Ali Dogar

               PP-177         Maqbool Sabir Ansari

               PP-178         Malik Ahmad Saeed Khan

               PP-179         Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan

               PP-180         Muhammad Javed Iqbal

               PP-181         Sheikh Allauddin

               PP-182         Maj. ® Pir Ijaz Ahmad

               PP-183         Sardar Muhammad Asif Nakai

               PP-184         Rana Sarfraz Ahmad Khan


Okara          PP-185         Malik Sajid Abbas Bhatti

               PP-186         Dr. Azhar Mehmood Chaudhry

               PP-187         Syed Raza Ali Gillani

               PP-188         Mian Muhammad Fayyaz Khan Wattoo

               PP-189         Nadeem Abbas Rabera

               PP-190         Muhammad Afzal Peji

               PP-191         Maj ® Khalil Akhtar

               PP-192         Malik Nazar Farid Khokhar

               PP-193         Deewan Ikhlaq Ahmad


Multan         PP-194         Moeen Riaz Qureshi

               PP-195         Abbas Ali Ansari

               PP-196         Mirza Furqan Ali Mughal

               PP-197         Aqeel Ijaz Ansari

               PP-198         Muzaffar Yasin

               PP-199         Syed Abbas Akbar Mooni Shah

               PP-200         Muhammad Husnain Bosan

               PP-201         Mazhar Abbas Raan

               PP-202         Rai Mansab Ali

               PP-203         Mian Tariq Abdullah

               PP-204         Rana Ijaz Ahmad Noon

District:      Continuency         Name

Lodhran        PP-207         Muhammad Aamir Iqbal Shah

               PP-208         Muhammad Kamal Bhutta

               PP-209         Blank Issued

               PP-210         Pir Rafi-ud-Din Shah Bukhari

               PP-211         Ahmad Khan Baloch


Khanewal       PP-212         Ghulam Jaffar Sargana

               PP-213         Hussain Jehanian Gardezi

               PP-214         Imran Pervez Dhool

               PP-215         Muhammad Yar Hiraj

               PP-216         Amir Hayat Hiraj

               PP-217         Zahoor Hussain Qureshi

               PP-218         Abdul Razzaq Khan Niazi

               PP-219         Karam Dad Wahla


Sahiwal        PP-220         Wilayat Shah Khagha

               PP-221         Aftab Ahmad Khan

               PP-222         Malik Jalal Din Dhakku

               PP-223         Muhammar Arshad Khan Lodhi

               PP-224         Ch. Waheed Asghar Dogar

               PP-225         Muhammar Arshad Jutt

               PP-226         Malik Iqbal Ahmad Langryal


Pakpattan      PP-227         Mian Atta Muhammad Manika

               PP-228         Rao Umar Hashim Khan

               PP-229         Mian Muhammad Amjad Joya

               PP-230         Dr. Farrukh Javed

               PP-231         Peer Kashif Ali Chishti


Vehari         PP-232         Mian Aftab Hussain

               PP-233         Ijaz Aslam

               PP-234         Muhammad Afzal Baitu

               PP-235         Nazar Duggal


D.G. Khan      PP-240         Blank Issued

               PP-241         Sardar Fateh Muhammad Buzdar

               PP-242         Javed Akhtar Khan

               PP-243         Muhammad Khan Leghari

               PP-244         Aleem Shah

               PP-245         Mohsin Leghari

               PP-246         Yusaf Leghari


Rajanpur       PP-247         Ghazali Rahim Pitafi

               PP-248         Husnain Bahadar Dreshak

               PP-249         Blank Issued

               PP-250         Farhat Aziz Mazari


Muzaffargarh   PP-251         Malik Ahmad Yar Hinjra

               PP-252         Tariq Ahmad Gurmani

               PP-253         Ghulam Murtaza Rahim Khar

               PP-254         Mrs. Tehmina Dasti

               PP-255         Malik Jawad Kamran Khar

               PP-256         Mian Imran Qureshi

               PP-257         Muhammad Aun Hameed Dogar

               PP-258         Makhdoomzada Syed Haroon Ahmad

                              Sultan Bukhari

               PP-259         Liaquat Ali Khan Leghari

               PP-260         Afzal Mustafa

               PP-261         Blank Issued


Layyah         PP-262         Chaudhry Muhammad Athar Maqbool

               PP-263         Malik Allah Buksh Samtiya

               PP-264         Sardar Shahabuddin Khan

               PP-265         Noor Nabi Jhagar

               PP-266         Razia Begum


Bahawalpur     PP-267         Makhdoom Syed Iftikhar Hussain


               PP-268         Syed Sardar Hussain Shah

               PP-269         Malik Khalid Mehmood Babar Waran

               PP-270         Mian Saifullah Owaisi

               PP-271         Syed Tabish Alvari

               PP-272         Ijaz Safdar

               PP-273         Syed Irfan Ahmad Gardezi

               PP-274         Khalil Ahmad Bajwa

               PP-275         Mehboob Nasir

               PP-276         Dr. Muhammad Afzal


Bahawalnagar   PP-277         Muhammad Akhtar Khadim alias

                              Khadim Hussain Wattoo

               PP-278         Syed Nazar Mehmood Shah

               PP-279         Rasheed Shah

               PP-280         Zia Ahmad Matyana

               PP-281         Ch. Muhammad Asghar

               PP-282         Ch. Pervez Elahi

               PP-283         Ghulam Murtaza

               PP-284         Ijazul Haq


Rahimyar Khan  PP-286         Makhdoom Masood Alam

               PP-287         Chaudhry Mehmood Ahmad

               PP-288         Mian Shafi Muhammad

               PP-289         Blank Issued

               PP-290         Chaudhry Muhammad Ijaz Shafi

               PP-291         Makhdoom Musharraf Hussain


               PP-292         Makhdoom Syed Ali Akbar Mehmood

               PP-293         Blank Issued

               PP-294         Blank Issued

               PP-295         Sardar Habibur Rehman Khan

               PP-296         Shaukat Dawood

               PP-297         Arsalan Haider Khan Leghari 

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