Deposed but still alive in your hearts: Sharif

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GUJRANWALA Aug 11 (APP): Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Friday
said he has been deposed from the office of Premier but was
alive in the hearts of people as he committed to wage struggle for
sanctity of vote and national progress.
“No matter if I have been dismissed. But your enthusiasm shows
that I am alive in your hearts. I honor your commitment and promise
if you will stand by me I shall fulfill my commitment of national
progress,” he said addressing a charged and immense gathering of
“My crime is fast track development. Faster the development
and faster were conspiracies that resulted in expulsion of an
elected Prime Minister. This is how the sanctity of vote is trampled
down,” he said, in an emotional address where he also announced to
unveil his program in coming days.
“I am obliged to your reception. You have made a history. Such
a love is very rare. I can feel your pain as your elected Prime
Minister has been dismissed. But, I am here among you to renew the
commitment for joining hand to achieve the goal of a strong
Pakistan,” he stated.
Sharif said he was with the will of millions of people as
premiership was not his goal. “I want respect for your vote. I want
employment for youth, I want to lit your houses by ending load
shedding, I want peace for your children.”
He said the world nations were acknowledging Pakistan’s
development but here in Pakistan people were thinking if Sharif
completes his tenure, he would once again be victorious in 2018
general elections.
He questioned was there any charge of corruption, kick backs
or commission against him, then why he was expelled. Can a Prime
Minister be dismissed for not taking salary from his son’s company.
Sharif said masses had the right to question as to why the
sanctity of their vote was trampled down again and again. They have
the right to ask why elected Prime Ministers are sent home after
short span of time and are either jailed or hanged or sent on exile.
But, three dictators rule the country for 30 years.
When he questioned from gathering whether the supported his
dismissal and they replied in negative. In response Sharif said this
trend had to be changed. “If I had not committed treason, if I had
not committed corruption and betrayed my nation, then why I was
expelled. This discrimination is unacceptable to people.”
He said the day was not far off when justice would be done,
cruelties would come to end and country would leap forward. “Let us
move together to reach the destination of progress, ensure sanctity
of vote and secure bright future for the nation.”
He said no matter that one decision deprived him from his
office but he could see the decision of people who had once again
reposed confidence in him.
Nawaz Sharif said he could still see spark in the eyes of
people that would inspire him in restoration of sanctity of their
vote and secure a respectable place for the country among comity of
Earlier, on reaching Gujranwala, Nawaz Sharif was accorded a
historic welcome as thousands of party workers and supporters pulled
to streets to greet their leader and extending him their support.
They were chanting slogans and carried placard, banners and posters
of their leader.
“This country does not belong to a few people but to the whole
nation and we all shall build it and make it strong and respectable.
You have trusted and I shall never betray your trust,” he stated.