ISLAMABAD, Sep 5 (APP):The Defence Day reminds the courage, unmatched grit, fortitude and determination exhibited by entire Pakistani nation, armed forces to foil the nefarious designs of much bigger enemy on September 6, 1965, said Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mehmood Abbasi.
In his message of Defence Day, he said this day demands renewing our pledge to work selflessly and sacrifice whatever it takes, for a brighter and better tomorrow of our future generations. By anchoring faith in Allah Almighty, keeping unity in our ranks and striving relentlessly in the defence of our motherland, let us commit to partake in transforming Pakistan into a strong, secure and prosperous country.
He said 6th September is a day of reckoning in the history of our nation. It reminds us of the courage, unity and steadfastness that defined the Pakistani nation in the face of armed aggression in 1965 by a much bigger enemy.
Pakistani nation celebrates this day to pay homage and acknowledge the valour and supreme sacrifices of our Shuhada and Ghazis who etched numerous accounts of bravery and gallantry in our proud history. The daring ‘Operation SOMNATH’ conducted by PN Fleet which saw the Indian Radar Station at Dwarka, on the Gujrat Coast, neutralized, was the glorious reminiscence of the 11thCentury raids of Mahmud of Ghazni on the idolized Somnath Temple, located on the same coast. The much larger Indian Navy Fleet, including its Aircraft Carrier, was bottled up in harbours due to the fear of PN Submarine Ghazi. These are the heroic deeds of our valiant predecessors, which make us stand tall and proud.
Pakistan today faces a host of security challenges on the external and internal fronts. Certain elements are surreptitiously at play to disturb peace and harmony in our country. “Our Armed Forces are at the forefront of national resolve to defend its territorial integrity and combat these inimical forces. They are undertaking round the clock operations to eradicate the scourge of terrorism and have rendered immense sacrifices, achieving astounding results.”
He said Pakistan Navy on its part is playing an important role in the overall deterrence and
national security. With the development of CPEC, referred as ‘Corridor of Prosperity’ and the Gwadar Port as its ‘hub and pivot’, maritime security all along our coast, particularly off Gwadar has assumed special significance. Pakistan Navy is vigilant and fully ready against any conventional or asymmetric threat to Pakistani ports and maritime infrastructure given the national importance of CPEC Project.
Pakistan Navy is also contributing as a key player in the regional collaborative maritime security. Furthermore, in view of the evolving regional dynamics and to pursue national interests with strategic autonomy, Pakistan Navy has recently instituted Regional Maritime Security Patrols in the IOR with the aim to maintain a robust security posture in critical sea areas and choke points of the IOR. Pakistan Navy has also reinvigorated its efforts to revive the maritime sector and promote blue economy to contribute substantially towards the national economy.
”We need to remind ourselves that as a nation, we have been tested on numerous occasions whether on account of aggression from across the border or by extremist elements. Yet, we have
always emerged more resolute by adhering to the spirit of Quaid’s golden principles of Faith, Unity and Discipline.”