Cultural Caravan to travel in three segments of CPEC

ISLAMABAD, July 17 (APP): Chinese and Pakistani artists, eight
from each country, will travel in a cultural caravan in three
segments of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), each
segment spanning a maximum of ten days’ duration.
“Creative Caravan of artists, musicians and film
makers from China and Pakistan traversing the CPEC and
documenting Art and Culture en-route,” said PNCA officials.
The Silk route has played a significant
role in the culture and economy of the region
through the history.
Its visionary transformation into CPEC will be seen as the most
powerful engine of change, development, progress and economic turnaround for the entire region.
According to schedule the first segment will undertake
the Western Passage covering route from Peshawar to Gwadar.
The second segment will take the Eastern Passage from
Karachi to Islamabad while also taking detour between Eastern
Western and Central Passages.
The third segment will cover Northern Passage starting from
Kashgar and culminating at Islamabad.
Timings of the three segments of the caravan will be decided
keeping climatic and other factors in mind.
The film makers will have all their equipment including
editing systems with them so they can continue editing their
films and also engage local talent in the process of filming
and editing.
The painters and photographers will be encouraged to engage
with local enthusiasts in creative processes by sharing their
knowledge and skills with them and also letting them to take
pictures and paint images.
The musicians will not only document local folk music
but also perform at different places and interact with local