Collective wisdom to be shown for supremacy of Parliament as per Constitution


ISLAMABAD, Aug 10 (APP): All political parties should express
political wisdom for supremacy of Parliament as per Constitution and shun petty
differences to empower the democracy.
This was main crux of debate on Thursday made by Senators following a
motion under Rule 218 about way forward-role of the Parliament in present political
situation sponsored jointly by lawmakers of various parties.
PPPP Senator, Farhat Ullah Babar said that there was need for collective
wisdom to avoid political instability.
The Parliament should move forward and accountability of all including
politicians, establishment and judges taking oath under Provisional Constitution Order
(PCO) should be ensured.
PPPP lawmaker Senator Sehar Kamran said that there was need to follow
the constitution and move forward through compliance of state law by all.
PML-N Senator, Abul Qayyum said that Parliament was the supreme
institution and had the authority for oversight of executives and all other institutions.
It was very unfortunate that there was political polarization and even media
was polarized, he observed adding that there was need to shun differences to empower
Senator Abdul Qayyum suggested convening joint meeting of Business
Advisory Committee of Senate and National Assembly for setting the priorities for
empowering Parliament.
MQM Senator, Tahir Hussain Mashhaid said that executive of the country should
be beacon of light and Parliament should be strengthened to strengthen Pakistan.
PkMAP said “our party stands with democracy at this critical stage as it is the
only way to steer country out of challenges.”
PPPP Senator Karim Ahmed Khawaja said a cautious approach was needed to
run the democracy and will of people should be honoured by
acknowledging their political decision.
Senator Mian Muhammad Ateeq Shaikh said that weakness in the political
system could be addressed by empowering parliament and protecting the rights of
ordinary people.
He said there had been NROs in the past and anti-democratic forces were
“If we are united, nothing can happen to us,” he maintained.

PML-N’s Saud Majeed said there should be no double standards in
the accountability system, as presently only politicians were
held accounable where others were exempted.
Parliamentary Leader of PPPP in Senate Taj Haider said the
parliament should adopt right direction as per the vision of
Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and make the country a welfare
Mohsin Leghari said parliamentarians should assert their role
by utilizing various parliamentary tools of executive oversight.
The parliament was a powerful institution and it should be
given due importance by lawmakers.
The parliamentarians should involve themselves in business of
their respective houses, ask questions from the executive and
ensure legislation for welfare of the state and the people, he
PML-N’s Kasloom Perveen said national issues should be discussed
in the parliament instead of any other forum. Amendments were made
by the parliament to further improve the constitution, he said
and called to remove ambiguities in Articles 61 and 62.
Concluding the debate, Leader of the House in Senate Raja
Zafarul Haq said suggestions of the Chair were not discussed
during the debate on the motion. Only blame game continued and
allegations were levelled instead of having focused objectivity,
he added.
Raja Zafarul Haq said the rally led by Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was
being criticized for speeding past a particular area despite the
fact that he was initimated to leave that area because of security
He urged the Senate chairman to continue his efforts for bringing
change in the attitude of those who continued blaming on another
in the House. He also asked the parliamentarians to move ahead by
shunning differences.
Earlier, Raja Zafarul Haq informed the House about his discussion
with Inspector General of Police Islamabad about tracing the accused
involved in dacoity at the house of Senator Shibli Faraz and nomination
of Shah Zeb Durrani as senator after the demise of his brother Senator
Agha Shehbaz Khan Durrani.