Chinese investors keen for investing in agri sector


ISLAMABAD, July 17 (APP): Chinese entrepreneurs Monday
showed interest to invest in Pakistan’s agriculture sector
to produce silk worms, mulberries and many other agro products.
A delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs led by Lee of
Ministry of Commerce, China visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI).
Speaking on the occasion, Lee said Chinese
entrepreneurs were looking for suitable land to set up an
agriculture farm in the first phase and in the second phase they
would set up a factory in Pakistan to produce silk.
He said their investment was likely to create 30,000 new jobs
in Pakistan.
He was of the opinion that the establishment of silk
factory in Pakistan would make it self-sufficient in silk production
and it would not have to import silk from China.
The Chinese delegation discussed many possibilities of
investment in local agriculture sector as they considered Pakistan
a potential country for business and investment in this sector.
Addressing the meeting, President ICCI Khalid Iqbal Malik
said Pakistan was an agriculture country and it offered huge
investment opportunities to foreign investors in various sectors of
agriculture including crops, seeds and tree farming, livestock, dairy
farming and milk processing.
He stressed that Chinese investors should bring in latest
machinery and technology in agriculture sector that would help in
improving Pakistan’s agricultural productivity and enhance its per
acre yield.
He said by investing in Pakistan, Chinese investors could
export agri products to Middle East, Central Asia, Europe,
Afghanistan and many other countries.
He said Potohar Region and Chakwal district were suitable for
production of many agro products including silk worms, olive oil,
mulberries, grapes and others.
He assured that the ICCI would fully cooperate with Chinese investors
in identifying land for agriculture investment in this region.