China’s offer to help search Indian fighter jet’s wreckage does not affect its position on China-India border issue: Spokesman


BEIJING, May 26 (APP): A spokesman of Chinese Ministry
of Foreign Affairs Friday said China, if requested, would
help search missing Indian Air Force fighter jet on China-India
border but made it clear ‘whatever China does, would not affect
its position on issue of eastern section of the China-India border.
“Up to now, we have not been asked by India for assistance
in the search. Indeed, if India has such a need and requests us to do
so, we will provide assistance within our capacity out of humanitarian consideration,” Lu Kang said during his regular press briefing here.
When asked if China had any new information about the
missing Indian Air Force Sukhoi-30 jet and the two pilots on board
in the eastern section of China-India border, he
reaffirmed China’s long-held position on the issue of the eastern
section of the China-India border.
Regarding a report about presence of wreckage of the missing
plane close to China-India border, he said, first of all, he was
not aware about it, adding, “Just as I said, we have not
received any request from the Indian side by far.”
Lu Kang said, China would provide assistance within its capacity
out of humanitarian consideration at the request of India.
“Indeed, as I said the day before yesterday, whatever China
does will not affect its principled stance on the issue of the eastern section of the China-India border,” he added.
To a question about a report released by Economic Times of
India that the Indian government would soon introduce a policy
to bar Chinese companies from investment in power sector projects
in India, he said, the trade and economic cooperation between
China and India should be mutually beneficial with win-win
results in nature, which would also bring tangible benefits to
the two peoples.
“We think the deeper cooperation in various fields between
China and India, including the growth of two-way investments,
will be beneficial to the two peoples, he added.
Responding to Dalai Lama’s interview to the Indian Express in
which he talked about the possibility of his successor especially through the reincarnation process, the spokesman said, on the issue of the reincarnation of the Living Buddha in the Tibetan Buddhism, including the reincarnation of the fourteenth Dalai Lama, the relevant authority of the Chinese government had introduced the relevant conditions and management for many times.
“The Dalai Lama himself is also clear about this. The title of ‘Dalai Lama’ itself is granted by China’s central government, and the enthronement of the fourteenth Dalai Lama was hosted by the representative of the then government of the Republic of China.” he added.