China again urges India to withdraw troops to avoid any escalation


BEIJING, June 29 (APP): The Chinese Foreign Minister Spokesperson on Thursday once again urged India to respect China’s territorial sovereignty and immediately withdraw troops back to its territory in the Sikkim section of Sino-India border to avoid any escalation and bring this standoff to an impassive position.
“We again urged the Indian side to abide by the historical boundary convention, respect China’s territorial sovereignty and withdraw troops back to Indian side of boundary to avoid any escalation and bring this standoff to impassive position,” Lu Kang said during his regular press briefing.
Reacting to a statement made by Indian Army Chief General Bipin
Rawat after arriving in Sikkim capital about the standoff
which was different from what reported by Indian media, he said.
“We have said clearly that reality is that Indian border
troops illegally trespassed into the territory of China across
the Sikkim section.”
“Mr. Rawat’s remarks also proved that previous report by
the Indian media regarding trespassing by Indian troops was not
true. The truth cannot be covered up,” he added
When asked what was the legal basis that overstepping by
Indian troops violated the international law and basic
principles of international relations, he said, the Sikkim sector
of the China-India border had very clear legal basis.
According to the convention between China and Great Britain
relating to Sikkim and Tibet in 1890, the area trespassed by
the Indian troops belonged to China, he said adding, “This
is undeniable fact that Indian troops have trespassed the boundary and
it is violating our historical boundary convention as well as
the promises by the previous Indian governments.”
To yet another question, he said, this was just a sovereign
action by China to conduct the road construction in its
territory, adding, “This is totally justifiable and lawful.”
Responding to another question that the two sides had
communicated on this issue to resolve it through diplomatic
channels, he said, since the illegal trespassed happened, the
Chinese side had lodged the solemn representations with the Indian
side in Beijing and New Delhi.
“We urged the Indian side to withdraw its troops back to Indian
side of boundary immediately. This is the precondition for the
settlement of this incident and also provide basis to conduct
a meaningful dialogue,” he added.