Caretaker CM inaugurates Institute of Cardiology Wazirabad

APP29-22 LAHORE: July 22 – Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Dr. Hassan Askari offering dua after inaugurating Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology. APP


LAHORE, Jul 22 (APP):Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Dr Hasan Askari Sunday inaugurated the Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology.
After inauguration, he visited the institute and inspected its different sections. He also met with patients and inquired about their health. The institute will facilitate patients from six districts of the division with the latest medical treatments.
The Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology is equipped with the latest facilities, including heart surgeries, CCU, cardiac emergency, angiography, angioplasty, eco-cardiograph, radiology and technical laboratories.
This project whose foundation stone was laid in 2006 and construction started in 2007, however, it was made operational fully after 12 years by the interim government.
The institute capacity of 200 beds and initially arrangement of 100 beds is available.
It will provide around 50 lac patients with the latest medical facilities. With the establishment of the Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology, patients would not be needed to refer to Lahore or other big cities. The OPD was established in this institute in 2014 and in 2016 coronary angiography facility was made
available for the public.
Now in 2018, it offers 24 hours emergency and the latest facilities of CCU and cardiac surgery. Many senior registrar of cardiology, senior registrar cardiac surgery, 33 medical officers and 58 nurses are performing their duties in the institute.
While addressing on this occasion, the caretaker CM said that in-time completion of such projects was the need of the hour as it would provide people of that area with quality medical facilities.
He said that serving humanity was the responsibility of every one along with the government and role of doctors and nurses in this noble cause was undeniable.
He said that the facility inaugurated today would flourish further in future and will assist the
community. Patients not only from Wazirabad but from Gujranwala division and other neighboring areas will also benefit from this hospital whose credit went to the collective teamwork, he added.
Hassan Askari said that even though it took 12 long years to complete this project but:” We hope that other needful facilities will be provided within time”.
He congratulated Caretaker Health Minister Jawad Khan and his team who worked hard day and night to complete this project and now it was attending 1,500 patients on average on a daily basis.
Hassan Askari said:”Some of the complaints rigging out were related to the federal and other departments and addressing them was not in our control nevertheless we are trying to address the complaints which fall in our jurisdiction”.
A strategy had been devised in this regard, likewise Caretaker Interior Minister Shaukat Javed took
instant action against these complaints while implementation of code of conduct issued by the Election Commission was also ensured, he said.
The interim Punjab government was assisting in electoral process under the framework of the Election Commission and political parties were also taken on board, He said and added proper security was being provided to political gatherings.
Hassan Askari added that cooperation on every level was mandatory for transparent elections and:” It is our utmost priority to provide peaceful, free and independent environment for it”.
He said:” The independent election can take place only if we cooperate with each other,”
Answering another question, Dr Hassan Askari said that prisoners in jail were provided with facilities according to their status and categories.
Later, Dr Hassan Askari inaugurated afforestation campaign by planting a plant in the garden of Institute
of Cardiology.
Provincial Caretaker Ministers Zai Haider Rizvi, Dr Jawad Sajid Khan, Sectary Specialized Health Care, Medical education and other concerned authorities were also present.