BISP survey for NSER update starts in Jacobabad: Marvi Memon

PML-N govt fulfilling Quaid's vision of welfare state: Marvi Memon

KARACHI, Feb 11 (APP): The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) survey for National Socio Economic Registry (NSER) started in Jacobabad on Saturday that will provide the poors in the area their due right.
This was stated by the Minister of State and Chairperson BISP, MNA Marvi Memon, who launched the BISP survey for NSER update in Jacobabad.
This is the third pilot district in Sindh where survey had been
started after Sukkar and Thatta.
Speaking on the occasion, Chairperson BISP said that the
government of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is committed to the welfare of poor.
During the last three years, BISP has grown as one of the best social safety nets of the world. BISP is all set to register the first ever dynamic NSER of the country as the previous NSER was a static registry unable to cater to changing socio economic conditions of the population, she added.
Ms. Marvi said that systematic approach has been introduced for mapping and route planning of the survey teams to ensure 100% coverage of the households.
Speaking on the occasion, Aslam Abro Information Secretary PML (N) Sindh, stated that BISP has expanded and improved its transparency under the patronage of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Chairperson Marvi Memon.
PML (N) would ensure that the poor get their due share and no one is left behind. He added that this survey is free of cost and informed the public to remain aware of fraudsters.
Riaz Hussain, Director AASA Consulting, that is going to conduct door to door survey in cluster C districts (Jacobabbad, Thatta, Kech and Kila Saifulalh ), said that around 188 staff had been employed to cover the estimated caseload of 224,700 households in Jacobabad.
Social mobilization and field activities are in full swing. Door
to door survey would commence on Feb 15.
DG BISP Naeem Anwar appreciated the Chairperson and highlighted that for the ongoing survey, Poverty Score Card has been revised to enhance the quality of data.
A new section on information related to infant mortality,
microfinance, migratory trends and access to justice has been added to enhance the robustness of NSER.
The updated NSER would play a pivotal role in future policy
The Chairperson urged the local government and people to
facilitate the survey.
She reiterated that pilot phase of survey for NSER update is
under process that will be completed by August 2017.
Desk Registration carried out in Haripur, Sukkur, Naseerabad and Bahawalpur has covered 90% of the estimated caseload.
Door to door survey is being conducted in remaining 12 districts of pilot phase. National roll out would start in September 2017 and would be completed in 2018.