Barjees condemns Indian atrocities on Kashmiris

ISLAMABAD, Aug 20 (APP): Federal Minister for Gilgit Baltistan
and Kashmir Affairs (GB&AJK) Chaudhry Muhammad Barjees Tahir Sunday
said the Indian violence against people of occupied Kashmir couldn’t
make them back off from their demand for right to self
In a statement, the minister strongly condemned the extra
judicial murders of unarmed Kashmiri youth and increasing Indian
forces atrocities against people in Kashmir valley.
He said the Kashmiri people had observed the 15th August, the
Indian National Day, as black day that had reflected their resolve
that they didn’t ever want to stay with India at any cost.
Despite converting the IHK into jail, suspension of
internet and television service by India– thousands of Kashmiris
including men, women and children came out in streets to record
their protest against India possession, he said.
Asia Indrabi, he said, had been detained under a black law of
Public Safety Act that shows Indian fears from Kashmiri women.
The minister said there was no missing day when a funeral
didn’t carried out from any house of Kashmir due to India
This was the sad fact, Barjees Tahir said, that the youth
fighting for their freedom were being declared as terrorists. How was
this possible that thousands of people attend funeral prayer a
terrorist, he questioned.
Pakistan would continue its moral support to the Kashmiri
people and highlight Indian inhuman activities before the
International community and United Nations.
He demanded the international community to end its dual policy
and play its role to resolve the Kashmir dispute in accordance of UN