Ahsan criticises Imran Khan for halting development

SIALKOT, July 15 (APP): Federal Minister for Planning and
Development, Ahsan Iqbal Saturday urged the masses to hold accountability
of those anti-state elements, including PTI Chairman Imran Khan,
halting the way of development and hatching conspiracies against
the grand project of CPEC.
He stated this while addressing the participants of an important meeting
of the party workers at Narowal.
He said masses brought Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in power by
giving heavy mandate to PML-N in 2013 general elections.
The minister said Imran Khan and his companions were negating
and insulting this public mandate by launching anti democracy and anti Pakistan conspiracies. He said the people of Pakistan had already rejected the negative politics of Imran Khan, through which Imran Khan was trying to come into the power through back channels.
He said the political elements busy in political juggleries now had
become the main opponents of the grand projects including CPEC
and projects of producing the cheaper electricity in Pakistan. The
minister said Pakistan would generate cheap electricity in 2018.
Ahsan Iqbal said the enemies of CPEC project were the enemies
of Pakistan.
He said PML-N was foiling all the conspiracies to derail
democracy and would not allow anyone to topple the elected government.
He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was still confident and enjoying
heavy mandate of masses to stay in power and complete the constitutional term of this government.