Industrial sector shows above 5% consistent growth in three years


ISLAMABAD, July 9 (APP): The industrial sector’s performance
remained above 5 per cent during the last three years, indicating
that flourishment in this particular area is taking place amid
better policies of the government.
It is also an indicator that confidence of businessmen is
improving on government policies, statistics issued by the Finance
Division showed.
The industrial sector has four sub-sectors, including mining
& quarrying, manufacturing, electricity generation & gas
distribution and construction.
The industry is the second major component of the commodity
producing sector of the economy. It has multi-dimensional direct and
indirect linkages, which have spillovers effects on economy.
Industrial sector generates demand for agriculture produce
using it as raw materials and also provides supplies of latest
machineries and tools to modernize other sectors of economy.
It is a major source of tax revenues and also contributes in
provision of job opportunities to urban and rural labour force.
The data further showed that industrial sector contributes
20.88 per cent in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and recorded a
growth of 5.02 per cent this year as compared to 5.8 percent last