Trump planning on forming new political party: report
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MANCHESTER, July 3 (APP): Republican Presidential presumptive nominee Donald Trump continues to flare up anti-Muslims sentiments with his election sloganeering, now saying that he will remove ‘hijab-wearing’ Muslims from the Transport Security Administration, if won the election in November this year.

At a town hall meeting in Manchester city in New Hampshire, Trump
said he would look at it, when asked by a woman when he was going to get rid of ‘hijab-wearing’ Muslim women from the department, Daily Mail
online news portal reported.

Trump triggered a wave of anti-Muslim rhetoric in the aftermath of
Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks last year by saying that he
would ban all Muslims from entering the United States. His remarked drew widespread criticism from within the United States and several world leaders.

The Republican presumptive nominee has also suggested monitoring of mosques and has accused of members of the Muslim community of not reporting ‘bad ones’ and protecting them, according a Reuters report.

Besides Muslims, he has also spoken against Mexican migrants and said
he would build a long war on the border with Mexico. Recently, he spoke against a judge who is handling lawsuit against his Trump University, saying that he couldn’t be impartial against him because of their Mexican heritage. He has also included Muslims in a category which, he said, wouldn’t be fair to him, the report said.