ISLAMABAD, Jul 20 (APP): Spokesman to the Prime Minister
Musadik Malik Wednesday said that Pakistan would continue its political, diplomatic and morale support for Kashmiri people in their movement to attain right to self-determination.

“It should be very clear to India that she can not suppress
voice of Kashmiris for very long time as injustice is unsustainable”, he said talking to PTV.

Treatment of injustice has to be change in occupied Kashmir
because India could not bear the burden of injustice.

“Our brotherly relations with Kashmiri people would keep moving and we would stand by them,” he said.

Musadik said that Pakistan was firm on its stance on Kashmir that right to self-determination in accordance with United Nations (UN) resolutions should be granted.

“Pakistan has been taking up Kashmir issue at all local and
international forums and highlighting Indian atrocities,” he said adding the incumbent government condemned recent incident of Indian barbarism in which freedom fighter Burhan Wani was martyred.

He said, the government immediately summoned Indian
ambassador and given a letter with highly condemning words and concerns of Kashmiri people were also conveyed.

The Prime Minister also instructed to Pakistani ambassadors
all over the world to highlight Kashmir issue and Indian
brutalities before the governments of their respective countries.

Letters have also been written to United Nations (UN),
Security Council, Organizations of Islamic Countries (OIC) in
which Kashmir issue was taken up.

He said there was a major investment of international
countries in India for its economic development and if those
countries takes up matter of Kashmir with India, it can play a
important role to press India for Kashmir issue.

International countries should not trade with India at the
cost of blood of Kashmiri people, he added.

He said Kashmir was not any internal matter of India, and
the Indian propaganda that Pakistan was involved in terrorism activates in Kashmir was false, rather India is involved in genocide of innocent Kashmiri people.

India which considers herself as a world’s largest democracy, should display some democratic values and fulfil its commitment to hold referendum in occupied Kashmir, he added.