ISLAMABAD, June 8 (APP): Lawmakers in the Upper House on Wednesday expressed mixed opinion on the federal budget for 2016-17 and demanded more development projects for less developed areas.

Resuming debate on the budget for third day, they were of the views that the government should overcome, unemployment, inequality in resources distribution and regional disparity in terms of development initiatives.

Senator Osman Saifullah Khan of PPP said currently there were three major challenges including unemployment, inequality and regional disparity in terms of development schemes and funds allocations.

But unfortunately, he added the budget did not highlight two areas of inequality and regional disparity.

He said pace of economic growth was going at snail pace but the workforce of youth population was growing steadily, he added.

He said unemployment issue was due to low investment which had not received any impetus over the last couple of years.

Abdul Qayyum of PML(N) appreciating the government for announcing pro-poor and pro-firendly budget said the it would go a long way in extending relief to common man.

He said that when the government took charge there were several challenges including militancy which delt blow to the national economy, energy crisis and revival of economy.

Now, he added the government had succeeded in addressing these challenges and there was light in the end of tunnel.

He said economic indicators were gradually increasing and the prime several power projects were planned to end energy crisis and hoped that power loadshedding would end by 2018.

Lt Gen. Abdul Qayyum said due to prudent economic polices the country’s economic condition had improved and economic growth was gradually going up.

He said if any body doubted the figures then concrete proof and arguments should be provided, establishing opinion on the basis of just hearsay of tv anchors or economic experts was not wise, at all.

He said inflation rate was gradually going down, investment and remittance had increased, adding construction of CPEC was reflecting the credibility of investors in the government’s economic policies.