FTO disposes 28.56 % more complaints in 2019

FTO directs FBR to take action against those involved in tax fraud

ISLAMABAD, Sep 20 (APP): The Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) has disposed of around 2411 complaints during the year 2019, which shows 28.56 percent increase as compared to the corresponding period of 2018.

The FTO disposed of these complaints, which were included during the investigation and post investigation processes. According to the annual report 2019, as many as 2411 complaints were disposed of by FTO during 2019 as against of 1875 complaints during previous year, showing increase of 28.56 percent.

The overall complaints accepted were 1854, 326 were rejected, 231 withdrawn and the other 383 complaints were balanced during the year, the data revealed. The acceptance ratio of complaints witnessed an increase of 93.92 percent as compare to year 2018.
Meanwhile, the FTO implementation ratio of complaints witnessed as 82.59 percent during 2019 which includes cases requiring implementations and recommendation implemented.

The recommendation of FTO was pending for implementation at the end of year 2019, recorded at 397 complaints from 186 complaints during 2018.  The FTO has refunded an amount of Rs 5865.94 million during 2019 against Rs 6986.39 million during 2018, witnessed decline of 16.05 percent, it added. During the year under review, the FTO has taken average 57 days for disposed of complaints as against the average 45 days of previous years.

The FTO has received 376 own motion cases during 2019 as against the 178 cases during 2018, showing increase of 111.23 percent. The FTO has also disposed of 224 own motion cases during 2019 compared to only 04 cases during 2018, showing growth of 550 percent, the data revealed.

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