LAHORE, Jan 28 (APP):Friends of Golf Team representing Royal Palm and captained by Shoaib Shams triumphed over Raptors Team representing Defence Raya in the 18 holes Royal Palm Friends of match play Championship here on Monday at Royal Palm club.
The 32 members winning team, captained by Haris Naseer Such put up a dazzling show to outsmart their opponents in the event which was test and exhibition of golfing skills of the participants.

The Team FOG of Royal Palm came up with the required steadfastness and resolve to overcome the challenging fervor and intensity of the Raptors champions and compile 12 points in the team matches. This was further supplemented by the individual team members in their one to one match play contests and they chipped in 23 points to bring the total tally to an unbeatable figure of 35 points which gave this team the distinction of accomplishing victory in this engaging Friends of Golf Match Play Competition.
Through excellence in application of golfing skills, the team pairs of the FOG Team, who compiled decisive points for their team were Shoaib Shams and Ali Naeem,Abdullah Sharif and Imran Mairaj,Amir Kabir and Tariq Mushtaq, Faisal Sayid and Tanvir Karamet,Dr Nasrullh and Hammad Baig,Hamid Sharif and Abdul Islam,Hussain Hamid and Hassan Hamid,Shoaib Bokhari and Max Babri,Col Jameel and Agha Asad,Shahid Anwer and Khalid Chaudry, Sohail Rasheed and Mansoor Zaigham and Irfan Raja and Rana Imran.As regards the individual duels, those who stood out for FOG Team were Irfan Raja,Mansoor Zaigham ,Sohail Rasheed,Shahid Anwer, Agha Asad,Col Jameel, Max Babri,Hassan and Hussain,Waqar Butt,Abdul Islam,Hammad and Dr Nasrullah, Dr Tashbeeb,Asim Tiwana,Tanvir Karamet,Faisal Sayid,Amir Kabir,Imran Mairaj,Ali Naeem,Shoaib Shams and Abdullah Sharif.
Performers of the Raptors Team were Majid Madni and Imran Mukhtar,Amir Chaudry and Mohtashim Aftab,Haris Naseer and Ali Hameed,and Col Shafi and Shafiq Bhatti.
This Friends of Golf Match Play Championship was organised by Abdullah Sharif of Royal Palm.