Pakistan Post invites entries for int’l letter writing competition


ISLAMABAD, Feb 12 (APP):Pakistan Post has invited potential candidates under fifteen years of age to submit their work for the international letter writing competition, an initiative of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) for which last date for submission is February 28.

Pakistan Post Director General Dr Naseer Ahmed Tuesday told APP that the theme selected for the 2019 competition was ‘Write a Letter to Your Hero’.
The winners of the contest would be awarded with Rs20,000, Rs10,000 and Rs5,000 respectively for first second and third positions respectively, he added.
He said the best letter (English version only) will be sent to the UPU where a jury would select winners to be awarded gold, silver and bronze medals bearing relevant inscription and their names as well as albums of the official postage stamps.
Dr Naseer Ahmed said the goal of the competition is to encourage children to exhibit their talent and to foster a passion to communicate their experiences,” the official added.
“Write a letter to your hero” is an inspirational theme of the 2019 International Letter-Writing Competition and its primary goal is to advance global literacy and education among young people.
It is closely bound to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals under Goal 4, which seeks to achieve an inclusive and equitable education for all. Every year, UPU announces a theme. Participating countries then organise the competition at the national level with support from their Posts, and often with the assistance of education authorities.
Each country chooses a national winner and submits their entry to the global round held by UPU. An international jury, chosen by UPU, judges the letters and selects the winners and entries worthy of a special mention.