Pak Post earned Rs. 746.215 mln till March 2017 through Saving Banks


ISLAMABAD, Jun 2 (APP): Pakistan Post Offices (PPO) earned a
commission of Rs. 746.215 million till March 31, during the current
fiscal years.
According to Pakistan Economic Survey 2015-16, released here
on Thursday, the progress of Saving Banks during 2015-16 showed that
the total closing balance on June 30, 2015 was Rs.157, 699.114
While the total deposits balance on
March 31 was Rs.149,243.109 million and the total commission
remained Rs.746.215 million till March 31.
It said 75,000 field offices of Pakistan
Post play a vital role in mobilization of financial
resources through Savings Bank Schemes.
Saving Bank is also being shifted from manual work
to Centralized Software Solution (CSS) which will
add the value of the business.